About Us

About Us

Fanseb is among the nation's leading fashion and electronics device retailers, operating 5 large stores in major markets nationwide. Founded in 2016, Fanseb has grown steadily and profitably. Our high-volume retail stores are designed to satisfy the needs of a wide variety of consumers - from casual to tech-savvy - with well-trained associates who offer technical solutions in an immersive shopping environment.

Uniquely focused on fashion, mobile phones, electronics and related products, Fanseb offers more fashion, mobile phones, clothes, watches and electronic devices (more than 30,000 items in stock) than any other retailer. Fanseb is deeply passionate about providing product expertise and exceptional customer service and has offered in-store pickup of online orders within 3 days since 2016. Consumers can visit Fanseb's 5 stores from coast-to-coast or Fanseb.com for thousands of fashion-related items, electronics and other technology products.

Customer Satisfaction

At Fanseb, we always aim to provide you with a great shopping experience. Fanseb offers selection, service and sales expertise competitive with other leading service-oriented retailers. Fanseb's store designs are based on exhaustive studies of customer shopping behavior, thousands of customer surveys and extensive testing.

At each of our stores, you can be assured of well-trained sales associates who can answer your questions and guide you to the best choices to fulfill your needs and wants. And Fanseb provides technical support in the way that's most convenient for you - in store, via email, or through online chat. Knowledgeable Sales Associates

Fanseb has long been known for the fashion, clothes, watch, mobile phones and electronic device stores with the most experienced, knowledgeable and helpful sales associates, plus free walk-in technical support. Fanseb hires fashion, clothes, watch, mobile phones and electronics enthusiasts with good people skills and provides continuous training to ensure that customers receive an outstanding consultive sales experience. Our sales associates are proficient at helping customers at all levels of fashion, clothes, watch, mobile phones and consumer electronics knowledge.

Fanseb's business model is built on providing you with expert advice. The Fanseb Knowledge Bar is a large, fully-staffed counter area where you can bring fashion, clothes, watches for one-on-one technical support, quick upgrades and other personalized help sessions.